Swimming Pool Auto Fill

Do you find yourself struggling with maintaining a proper Ph balance in your pool? Are you constantly adding salt, chlorine or other chemicals to your pool? Do you notice your skimmer making a loud gulping noise or your pool pump won’t fill up with water? Then you may have a problem with your swimming pool auto fill.

Auto Fill water levelers are designed to automatically fill your pool with water when the level drops below a certain point. They are equipped with a float similar to what you would find in the basin of your toilet. When the water level in the pool falls, so does the float, causing the valve to open and water to be added to your swimming pool.

The most common way to tell if there is a problem with your swimming pool auto fill is to keep an eye on the water level in your pool. If the water level seems low (below the tile around the inside of pool) there could be a problem with the valve not opening, or the manual fill line may be turned off. Having a low amount of water in the pool may cause your pool pump to run dry and burn up. If the water level is too high (hitting the overflow cutout in the tile), your leveler may be constantly adding water to the pool. This would lead to a depletion of chemicals including conditioner, chlorine, salt, etc.

Repairing an auto fill is really quite simple. Check these few things and repair/replace as necessary.

  1. Make sure that the fill line is always in the on position. It can usually be found near a hose bib or in the equipment area.
  2. Open the lid to the auto fill and observe that the float is working properly. Lightly push it down to see if it adds water, or lift up to see that it stops adding water.
  3. If your water level is to high try to adjust the float by loosening the wing nut. If the float is in the proper position the threads may be leaking and the float should be replaced.
  4. The cost of replacing the float mechanism is cheap $15-$25.

Rolachem has a great product called the pool sentry for those who wish they had an auto fill on their pool but are not willing to cut up the concrete to add one. Simply attach a hose and fill it with rocks and you won’t have to worry about your water level anymore.

Maintaining a proper water level is extremely important to keep your pool equipment in good working condition, and the water properly balanced. If you think that you may have a problem with your auto fill don’t hesitate to contact Marker Pool Service today to have your pool assessed. We have the experience and knowledge that are necessary when it comes to pool repairs, and would be more than happy to troubleshoot your swimming pool auto fill, or any other problems you may have with your pool.


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